[Felvtalk] Rabies Shots for Harley

Lee Evans moonsister22 at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 15 12:18:59 CDT 2014

The regular rabies shot actually lasts up to 3 years for immunity. Is the 
bat still living in the garage with Harley? You should not vaccinate him every year. It's not necessary. Not all bats have rabies or carry 
rabies. If there are holes in the garage ceiling or rafters, get someone to patch them up because bats do not usually fly in the door. They will go for a dark hole high up. I once found a dead bat in my yard, thought the cats had killed it and sent the body to rabies control. The bat did not have rabies. However, I had all the yard cats re-vaccinated for rabies. At that time, the vet told me that the protection lasts 
about 3 years, even with the regular shot.
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