Our Mission Statement

Our mission in presenting the information on these web pages is intended to help those whose feline babies are not responding to traditional veterinary methods of treating feline leukemia. People should be forewarned that many vets are skeptical and will resist using these newer treatments. We urge folks that encounter such opposition to seek out another vet that is willing to administer these medications as recommended below. In July of 1997, the Central States Veterinary Conference held in Kansas City, Missouri held discussions on these newer methods and were optimistic about their use in treating FeLV+ cats. For more details on the protocols for these drugs, please review the book, The 5 minute Veterinary Consultant: Canine and Feline by Tilley and Smith 1997.
Although we are not veterinarians, much of the information available here was written by veterinarians. Our sole purpose in presenting these pages is to educate people on newer, more effective treatments for feline leukemia. Ours is a not-for-profit endeavor, even though we may mention companies by name that sell some of these products. Veterinarians and researchers are encouraged to send comments and contributions for this site to me: James G. Wilson

NOTICE: All materials at this website (including HTML pages, text pages, and images) are the property of the owner of this website. This includes external links to some Geocities sites, Fortunecity sites, and Prohosting sites. Under no circumstances are these pages to be copied, altered, or otherwise misrepresented. All other external links (including image links) are the property of those website owners.

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