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ROBERT CHAPEL bchapel at optonline.net
Mon Apr 24 05:41:48 CDT 2017

Hello All:
While I know that our group is about cats... lately friends and family 
have been losing their long time canine companions....   I cam across 
the piece below quite by mistake but it moved me enough to pass it 
along...it applies equally to cats......
Bob C

To most, he was “just” a dog.  To me, he was so much more than just a
  best friend, he was an integral part of my life, and my world for over
14 years.  I was there to see him take his first breath in this world.
 And I was there when he breathed his last, after a long and, I hope,
happy life.  And when he left this world, it was as if a large piece of
me was violently torn away.  Eventually the countless happy memories of
the all too brief time I had with him will crowd out the anguish of the
last moments we spent.  For now, I can take only cold comfort in knowing
  that when it came time to make the call, I did right by him.  His body
was on the verge of a “cascading system failure”, but it had not yet
progressed to the point where it had broken his spirit.  I had been
waiting for him to tell me it was his time for some while, but it was
his prognosis that finally sealed it.  He was not going to get better;
he would only get worse.  Even with surgery — which at his age was more
risk than solution — his best case was a few months, and those would
have been pain ridden.

I don’t suppose I’ll ever stop second guessing whether I waited too
long or not long enough.  But in the circumstances keeping him going
through heroic measures would have been for my benefit, not his.

When you bring a dog into your life, you make a bargain.  Tonka never
  once failed to deliver on his side of that bargain.  And as much as it
hurt — and will continue to hurt — I had to deliver on mine.

Goodnight pal, see you on the other side.  I love you, buddy.
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