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Hi Bob,
So very sorry for what you and little Jelly are going through at this point. Always know that you were Jelly's family and you did the best for your little one. I really do believe that they know and appreciate what is being done for them. I also believe we will have our little furbabies in heaven. Of course that will mean that I will have finally achieved "crazy cat lady" status because over my lifetime, I have had lots of them.


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I don't think I need to tell you that I REALLY feel for your struggle....  I love that you have made a little place for mo where he can look out onto the outside world , feel the sun and look at the other little creatures ( that he would likely kill and eat if he had the chance....lets be real : )       but....  I still LOVE to see them show interest in the world around them... it helps us to "stay the course".....   I have NO idea if our little charges have any appreciation of what we do for them or even if it makes a difference that make a comfortable safe sunny area for them at our homes...  I need to do it for ME...  I can't stand the idea of any creature dying unloved and unattended even IF they themselves don't even know it TO be so... 
Right this minute I have Jelly on two syringes of Buphenorphine and am hoping that he dies at home so that I don't have to take him someplace unfamiliar in order to save him from further discomfort....  Tonight he began mouth breathing and meowing pathetically after I moved him and it is clear that he is very uncomfortable...  He's unstable on his feet...eating and drinking and using the litter box not at all and unless he perks up substantially I'm going to  try to help him out of this world tomorrow...... I HATE having to make this decision but... for these last 12 hours he has been a cat without ANY quality of life and the show of discomfort just makes it impossible for me to overlook it and hope for the best any longer......  Hoping for a miracle in the later morning...
Keep at it with little mo....  perhaps you will have better fortune....


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