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Sheri Burbridge sheri7177 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 9 12:19:49 CDT 2017

I feel a lot like Bob right now, it's hard to tell if we are making
progress. I'm trying very hard to be patient but time is not on our side
and it's difficult.

Mo has been eating less and less every day and won't really lick the gel
off anymore so I'm going to try the baby food today. With how picky he is I
don't have much hope of him liking it. I feel like a bully constantly
restraining him and shoving things in his mouth. I know it's the only hope
he has but it's still hard.

Yesterday I set up a little area for him on a nightstand by the window.
There is a pad for him to lay on, his own water bowl, and he can look out
on the back yard while the afternoon sun shines on him. It makes me feel
better that this is where he's spending his time and not in a dark room
somewhere. He seems so relaxed and happy there.

This is all so mentally and emotionally draining. I am so grateful for you
all that understand this struggle and don't think I'm crazy for putting so
much effort into this.

I'm going to try the baby food a bit later and also see if he will try some
chicken. I cook for my dogs and have a batch going today so I might as well
give it a go!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, thanks for listening.

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