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Sheri Burbridge sheri7177 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 7 18:07:47 CDT 2017

Bob, I am right there with you trying not to get my hopes up when things go
well for awhile but I'm SO happy that you had those good moments with Jelly
today! I love how much you love your animals, I'm the same, mine are all my
kids, I have a real soft spot for special needs animals.

I thought I'd ask since I'm dealing with this with Mo, have you checked
Jelly's mouth for sores? Mo has a bunch on his palate that the vet compared
to canker sores and said it makes swallowing painful. I've been giving Mo
tiny syringes of Buprenorphine 2-3 times a day to help him eat. I just
thought I'd throw it out there in case Jelly could be helped with something
like that too?

I hope you both are having a good evening and I'm willing the meds to work
for Jelly from here!


On Fri, Apr 7, 2017, 5:05 PM ROBERT CHAPEL <bchapel at optonline.net> wrote:

> Thank you all for your support and suggestions...  It is a comfort to me
> that I have a group of folks that I KNOW get the attachment that we can
> develop to an animal... and when we have a truly special one ( ALL to me
> are special..thats the baseline... it just goes up from there : )
> it is that much more painful....
> I was ecstatic this AM when Jelly seemed to truly enjoy his grooming and
> pushed him little head INto the brush..then fell on his side inviting me
> to brush his sides and back....after that he actually ate a little bit
> of baby food off a plate.... I had to leave for a few hours and I was
> hoping against hope that when I returned he would have finished the rest
> of the baby food I left on the plate....   I don't know which bothers me
> more...getting my hopes up to have them dashed hours later or just never
> getting my hopes up?...  When I returned home he was quite lethargic and
> had not touched any of  the food...   His gurgling ( which had abated
> considerably for several hours( maybe the Winstrol IS helping this
> Amani? ) was back and getting meds and a little food into him was a
> challenge again.....  Still... he DID improve for a few hours which "
> may " be a good sign...or..no sign at all...  Every day I decide
> to...than decide against putting him down about 40 times...  But.. I'm a
> little better this time around with my ability to recognize Kitty
> discomfort and not rush to end a life that still HAS some life left...
> As to foods he loves ( referencing Jennifers comments)....  I'm actually
> rather gingerly "force" feeding him his favorite food which always was
> turkey baby food....   Squirting a bit into the gum pouch opposite the
> side I place the syringe so that it does/t just go down his throat....
> Once it's in his mouth he generally swallows it...   I leave plates of
> anything and everthing he ever liked in numerous places throughout the
> day so that he never has to go far to take a " bite " if he is
> inclined..... and Sheri... I can assure you that this little guy is not
> wanting for affection....  any time that he is willing to stay near me
> he IS near me ( but that was always the way it was...  I am literally
> unable to be in the presence of an animal without having a hand on some
> part of it's body.... Moreso my own pets but really quite the same with
> any animal any WHERE... I've been that way since I was a youngster.....
>    I'm the guy who would be VERY conflicted between saving the guy I
> don't know or his dog if their boat flipped in frigid seas ( with at
> least a 60% likelihood it would be the dog).....   So.... thank you all
> for your support and particularly for the love and care you provide the
> little creatures that so many others overlook...
> Bob
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