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Unfortunately, Yahoo mail is bundling all my mail on one subject and sending off thousand word bundles so that they crash into the group mailbox and overload it. That's why I'm writing separately without the thread.

Fortunately, I have never had a cat display a bad reaction to the rabies vaccination even though it's given at the same time as spay/neuter surgery. However, consider that giving vaccinations does overload the immune system at least until the cat develops the required immunity. NEVER give anything but the rabies vaccination if the cat is going into surgery and spay/neuter is major surgery. Think hysterectomy and castration. In humans this would be major surgery. It really irks me when people seem to think it's fine to overload a cat or dog with a bunch of vaccinations at the same time that they are getting surgery and the vets go along with it gleefully because it means more money for them. FVRCP is OK for kittens but again, not at the time of spay/neuter surgery and not along with the rabies vaccination. And not if they are FeLv+ or FIV+. And for all you humans out there, the flu shot is less than useful in preventing you from catching flu. It's great
 for the manufacturers of the vaccine though. Made millions for them and it might protect against Asian Flu #1 but not against Asian Flu #2 and that's what the doctors tell you if you come back complaining that you got the flu anyway. Just keep sneezing cats away from your own brood and keep away from sneezing and coughing people during flu season. 
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