[Felvtalk] fvrcp vaccines- yes or no?

Lance linimon at fastmail.fm
Mon Aug 11 21:45:17 CDT 2014

I wish I had an answer for you. Would your vet be willing to log onto Vetinfo to see what other vets are recommending for FeLV cats? I seem to recall that Ember’s vet recommended that she be vaccinated, but we never did that. Despite her low white count, she never picked anything up at the vet’s office as far as I know. Even the dentals didn’t weaken her enough. 

If Purevax makes an FVRCP vaccine, that might be the better one to go with. It is supposed to have less possibility of causing a fibrosarcoma (we used to call them vax site sarcomas).

Also, you’re not overthinking this. You’re being a good and protective cat parent. 

Best wishes for you and Leo,


On Aug 11, 2014, at 8:47 AM, Shelley Theye <veery at bellsouth.net> wrote:

> Hi All,
> I asked last year when Leo was due for his yearly check-up, about how everyone feels about vaccinating
> their Leukemia pos. cats in general.
> The replies I received cautioned not to vaccinate for FVRCP, that is caused cats to become ill afterwards.
> I have to get Leo vacc. for rabies since it is the law, will do the Purevax like I did last year, but he 
> has only received one FVRCP vacc. back in summer 2012, when I first got him and he was neutered and 
> I wasn't told about his FeLV status until afterwards.  At the time I thought he was a feral cat, he actually was, 
> but has since become quite tame.  
> Last year, in 2013, I opted not to do the FVRCP, because of the cautionary emails on the subject.
> I guess my only worry is that he will be more susceptible in a vet clinic when he goes in for a check up for 
> for treatment if he doesn't have that vaccine, so just would like to throw this out there again for thoughts on 
> this subject.  Also, is there a certain type of FVRCP that might be less dangerous, etc?  
> I have done some reading on Dr. Lisa Pierson's website, and sounds like he should maybe have at least 2 vaccines
> as an adult and then can stop.  Am I overthinking this?
> Thanks for any advice.  So far, knock on wood, he is doing great, though he is lonely, but I think since he was initially
> semi-feral, the quiet lifestyle suits him.  we built him a nice mini screened porch/large window box which he really enjoys
> and spend time with him daily.
> Best,
> Shelley
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